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Kryolan Eye Shadow serenade: fine-grained, heavily pigmented, high-yield cream powder for a long-lasting, pleasantly soft feeling.


Kryolan Eye Shadow is a fine-grained cream powder. Highly pigmented and high-yield, it is easy to apply and feels pleasantly soft on your skin. Because the pigments in this eye shadow are micronized, you can achieve a fashionably transparent look or brilliant color with it. It has been designed to stay on a proper base for a long time – creeping and fading are kept to a minimum. Kryolan Eye Shadow serenade is a lustrous, medium teal green hue.

With a dry technique, you can use a brush to create feather-light shading. But first apply foundation to your skin. For brilliant, high-coverage color effects, use a wet brush to apply Kryolan Eye Shadow as if it were watercolor paint. After it dries, you can blend layers of color. Use any typical method to remove Kryolan Eye Shadow from your skin.

Kryolan Eye Shadow comes in an individual refill pan. For secure storage, we recommend the Trio Set empty palette for three colors.