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FRAMESI 2001 COLOR 4/W Medium Chestnut - Wenge

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Framcolor 2001 is a permanent and luminous color with an anti-age formula. It contains Amaranth and Coconut oil which keep the hair hydrated and shiny. It contains Vitamin C which blocks color oxidation, keeping hair young and vital. It also contains Booster System Hi-Technology, ensuring best and even hair color results at all time. It enables lightening and coverage in one gesture. Parabens and gluten free. Get the best hair colors in Pakistan only at
Framcolor 2001 Precious Woods is a color series which creates beautiful rich browns and blondes. It is ideal for a warm shiny look. It can also be used to create fashion colors and highlights. It is recommended to be used with Professional Activator 20 (developer) for 30-35 minutes for coverage, Professional Activator 30 or 40 (developer) for 45 minutes to achieve a fashion color and Professional Activator 5 or 10 (developer) for 5-15 minutes for toning and highlights. It is to be used in the ratio 1:2 (color:developer) to achieve a shiny brown or blonde color.
- Ideal for creating rich browns and blondes
- Achieve a warm shiny look
- Provides a minimum of 70% of grey coverage
- Recommended to be used with Professional Activator 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 (developer) depending on the usage
- Recommended time: 5-45 minutes depending on the usage