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Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo:
  • Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo, a color-protective shampoo for colored hair. This shampoo prevents color shades and gives the hair an intense shine. Due to this gentle method, the hair color of the painted hair will not fade away. The shampoo is suitable for daily use. Color-protective, For colored hair, Prevents color shrinkage. Gives shine, Mild cleansin. Suitable for daily use. Use: Divide Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo over your hands. Massage the shampoo from the roots to the hair's points. Then let it retract for a few minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly. Framesi Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo
  • You have probably heard that the scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. However, scalp care is about more than just washing. The health of the scalp is a popular topic at the moment, but a lot of paradoxical information is complicated and it is difficult to see what contributes to a healthy scalp in practice.
  • As a result, it is a good idea to seek the advice of our experts. H has decades of experience in caring for the scalp in order to increase the health of the hair. Our hair specialists provide advice on scalp care and lift hair care to new heights.
- The first step in scalp care:
  • We believe that the care of the scalp should be part of the regular care of the body. You experience increased well-being by washing your skin and moisturizing it every day. The hair covers the scalp for the most part, but the health of the scalp is very important in terms of the appearance of the hair. Daily and regular care tailored to your needs allows you to maintain the health of the scalp and the result is shiny and shiny hair. Here are some scalp care tips that you can use to improve your hair health.
  • The first step in scalp care is to use an appropriate method of cleansing the scalp. This refers to washing the scalp every day or every other day.