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BIOAQUA Wake Up Sleeping Hair Perfume Hair Care Essential Oil 50ml BQY-7734

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Product Description:
BIOAQUA Fragrance Hair Care Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair Repair Perfume Moisturizer Pure Essential Oil

Product Features:
1.Easy to use, save time, do not need to wash
2.Texture easy to absorb, so that soft and smooth hair
3.Improve bifurcation, dry, hair dull, easy to break, hair loss and other issues
4.Restores rough, weak, dull hair, controls frizz
5.Adds instant luminosity and silkiness, nourish hair, add hair loss of moisture
6.Use before shampoo to prevent knotting
7.In the hair dryer when used to protect the hair from high temperature damage
8.Affordable, only a few drops each time you can use, a bottle can be used for many months